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The use of technology is changing the game of soccer


The use of technology is changing the game of soccer

The influx and use of technology have made a significant impact on the game of soccer over the past couple of years.

The introduction to goal-line technology and vanishing spray during the 2014 FIFA World Cup had created a significant impact on the game of soccer.

The goal-line technology has undoubtedly reduced the errors committed by the referees or match officials. One poor decision at times can cost sides championships or big games. The technology helps to minimize the mistake made by the on-field referee in a high-pressure game. Hawk-Eye is also a system that aids in promoting fair play between two teams.

There are frequent interruptions in a football game in case a player is down due to injury or theĀ ball is thrown out of the play. A referee making the right decision and taking just an extra second is invaluable at times when the stakes are high in a particular game. The investment in such technologies has started to pay the dividend as the number of bad decisions has considerably reduced over the years.

Much research is done, and investment is made to make sure technologies such as goal-line technology, and vanishing spray can help reduce errors on the pitch.

Since football has become a commercial business, the game needs to function in the right manner to flourish across various parts of the world.

The recent 2018 FIFA World Cup was a success in many ways as the referee made use of technology to make the right decision.

From off-site ruling to marginal decisions, technology was used to make sure the right choice in a critical stage of the game on the pitch.

The use of Blockchain also might gain prominence in the football world as organizations aim to reduce their hassles and increase transparency related to digital transactions and different issues.

Technology has certainly been a blessing in disguise as administrators, and critical stakeholders aim to reduce errors and ensure fairness in the game of soccer.


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