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The Rise of Tottenham in the English Premier League

The Spurs stood fourth in the Premier League this year following behind the top three– Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea– with 71 points. As Tottenham challenges the best football clubs and continues its fight for the top spot, let’s take some time to appreciate how far the club has come.

With their recent rise to fame, spectators are quick to criticize the Spurs for any of their performance that is not up to the mark. Amidst all the criticism, however, the club and Mauricio Pochettino get very little credit for their achievements.

The team has finished close to the first position for three consecutive Premier League seasons now; it is proof of how much they’ve learned and improved. Here are a few key moments where the Hotspurs have proved their potential against perennial competitors.


Tottenham vs. Chelsea

Tottenham’s new era has paved the way for their rivalries with most major EPL clubs. Although the Spurs rivalry with the Gooners is slightly fiercer than the rest, the game against Chelsea was scorching!

Chelsea showed up at Wembley with an unbeaten record only to have it smashed by the Hotspurs in a 3-1 victory. Dele Alli, Harry Kane, and Son Heung-min scored the winning goals against the Blues ending their winning streak. Pochettino’s men proved that they could handle the top English clubs with a bang.


Champions League Knockout Qualification

Agreed that this is not included in the Premier League per se, but it did contribute in the Spurs’ current success. The club qualified for the Champions League giving them a massive boost for the Premier League.
Tottenham has become a top contender in the Premier League and is ranked among the top ten football clubs of the world.


Pochettino’s Coaching Ethics

The manager and coach of the Spurs, Mauricio Pochettino encourages his players to be committed towards their training sessions. The Argentine believes that double training sessions demand persistence and a work ethic. Pochettino is a firm believer of giving the team freedom on the pitch which the players enjoy.

The consequence of this is the players improve faster and are more engaged in the sport. Three words sum up his training approach; positive, progressive, and attacking.

In the Argentine, Tottenham has found an influential figure that can lead them to victory. Pochettino says that despite being at the club for more than four years now, he feels like he’s only getting started.


Harry Kane’s New Contract

Say what you want, but this was perhaps the most critical moment for the Spurs and Mauricio Pochettino. It is no surprise that Kane has led the Hotspurs to victory more times than we care to admit. When his term ended with Tottenham, it was expected that he would be taken away by the Europeans.

However, Harry Kane proved his commitment towards his club by signing a new contract that keeps him with the Spurs until 2024. He is their main man, and Mauricio Pochettino makes sure that their strategies play to the strengths of Harry Kane.

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