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Increase of injuries during a football match

Increase of injuries during a football match

Increase of injuries during a football match compared to ordinary training explained

Injuries to date remain one of the darkest aspects in football.

The sport is unrivaled in terms of being the most popular in the world. However, even the very top players in the game have suffered injuries at some point in their careers.

Football in the modern era has been revolutionized by the commercial aspect of it. Nowadays, players are more molded to attract endorsements and bonuses when fit. It is therefore not surprising to see star footballers especially African players decline national duty on the unofficial onset of potentially getting injured.

Why is it that there is an increase in injuries in the game today? Well, quite simply, football is more demanding physically and mentally for the players. Top leagues such as the Premier League and Serie A are an epitome of the physical-ridden nature of the modern style of play.


Compact schedule

The influx of matches, of which the player has to honor in a calendar year contribute to making them prone to injuries.

A case example is a player who plays 38 league matches, five cup games and about ten matches for his country. This totals up to 53 matches in a season.

Moreover, this same player has to maintain his fitness levels during their short holidays so as to be ready for their next campaign.

Surely, isn’t this schedule bound to take a toll on a player’s body? It is, therefore, easier to pick up injuries, even from the slightest of knocks in the modern game given that football is indeed a contact sport.

In comparison, training involves a lot of technical exercises and drills to prepare the players for upcoming matches.

In training, it is possible for one to get injured, especially when it comes to muscle strains. Often, players who get injuries in training have not fully recovered from a previous injury or have not properly conditioned their bodies for intense workouts.

In conclusion, the physical nature and tactics employed these days contribute heavily to an increase in injuries. There are few instances where strong challenges applied in training have resulted in severe injury. It is mainly muscle problems that arise during training that result in injuries.


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