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Why EPL will always be the centre of European football

English Premier League In European Football

But in European leagues, English Premier League is considered to be an elite among the others, and there are several reasons for that.

Europe has the best leagues in the world and Europe without any doubt is the dream destination of every star player in the world.

The first and the most important reason is the nature of the competition in the league; even small teams surprise you, there is no boring match in English Premier League also if the top side of the table is playing the last team

We all know that Munich have the 99% chance of winning the Bundesliga and same goes for PSG in Ligue 1, and in La Liga, its Barca, Madrid or Atletico can be a surprising contender of winning the league, but in English Premier League you can never label any team as favorites.

We all saw how Leicester won the league in the presence of teams like Manchester City, United, and Chelsea.

So English Premier League has the highest number of star players if we compare it to any other league in the world. According to a stat, 108 players from the English Premier League teams were selected by their national organizations in 2017/18.

English Premier League bags £1 billion-per-season for TV rights deal, which is almost double to any other league in the world.

And as it is the toughest league it has the highest number of attendees as well, the average attendance of an English Premier League match is 38,000, and even player wages are higher if we compare it with any other league.

The average player salary in La Liga is £1.2 million, and the average player salary in English Premier League is £2.4 million.

English Premier League provides Europe with the finest footballers, Suarez, Ronaldo, Cest, Pique and many others served English clubs before playing in other English leagues. English Premier League has the highest number of big teams as well; even their last spot team can give fierce competition to any top team of any other league.

So no matter if its players, fans or money, English Premier League will always be the center of European football.


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